Fresns Error: 500 Internal Server Error

If you encounter a 500 error, modify the .env configuration to enable debug mode. This mode allows you to view detailed error information or generate links to share error details.

You can share the error page to help us quickly identify the problem.

Ways to share Fresns err...


Fresns Error: 404 Page Not Found

After installing Fresns, when you visit the homepage, you might encounter a 404 error page. This is because Fresns follows a frontend-backend separation architecture. The installation you have completed is for the server-side, and you'll need to install the client-side for users...


Fresns Error: 502 Bad Gateway

Due to Fresns account center (including registration and login features) being implemented as an extendable plugin, it allows users to flexibly swap with other plugins.

Since accessing extension plugins involves transmitting "access token" information via URL, these URLs can be...


Ways to share Fresns error messages (Fresns 3.x)

The initial configuration of #Fresns disables debugging by default, so when the program encounters an error message, it does not display the detailed error message, but usually just displays page 500.

You can enable debug mode to display detailed error messages. You can enable d...


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Introduction to Fresns Client Channel Default Parameter Configuration

In the channel configuration settings, there is an option for "Default Parameters", which are configured in Query format (i.e., URL path parameters). If no configuration is set, the API defaults to a rule that typically outputs content in descending order based on the creation ti...


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