Fresns official community API key is public and can be used directly by anyone

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In order to allow experiencers and developers can directly use Fresns, save the time and effort to make their own content, on the hands of a full set of data site, the official community of Fresns open API key to the public, welcome to use.

The API host for all of the following keys is

Website Key

  • API ID: MP0Ro0cX
  • API Secret: qIDqHLb8aAcy2cNBqymrYLLCUQ6pm4B4
  • See screenshot for usage: website.png

iOS App

  • API ID: xDx3ogWu
  • API Secret: 2U8d8E0Xd4h4Y3EP5ebaJU0Y8IzPBgbl

Android App

  • API ID: bBXn8lI1
  • API Secret: V2NnWy1hy47WaCCUZQ78WfbgotLQlObw

WeChat MiniProgram

  • API ID: lDQSbZ2Z
  • API Secret: Rhfq8xDMthQKoP9f65hj4hVOWuJtXfhy
  • See code block container below for use
// fresns.js
module.exports = {
  apiHost: '',
  appId: 'lDQSbZ2Z',
  appSecret: 'Rhfq8xDMthQKoP9f65hj4hVOWuJtXfhy',
  tencentMapKey: '',
  tencentMapReferer: '',

Demo Posts

More examples of posts are being added...

Unable to operate without login

Comment 2

The key disclosed here is for testing purposes only, mainly for viewing the interface, not for production, so it has read-only permissions (does not affect login) and cannot write data.

Please use your own key for production.
Configuration Location: Admin Panel > App Center >...

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咻咪社区 : 登录显示 Fresns 500 The GET method is not supported for route api/v2/account/login. Supported methods: POST.
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