Storage settings support the separate use of ‘storage’ and ‘access’ services.

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A common configuration scheme in the Fresns community involves using the same service for both ‘storage’ and ‘access.’ For instance, files might be stored and accessed via Cloudflare or Cloudinary, as illustrated in the first screenshot.

However, Fresns storage settings also support the separation of ‘storage’ and ‘access.’ As shown in the second screenshot example, the configuration separates these functions.

The file system process is as follows:

  • Files are uploaded to #ObjectStorage via the S3 Storage plugin.
  • Images are processed for style and distributed via #CDN by ImageX, making them accessible to users.

This scheme can be applied to any service.

Currently, the Fresns app market’s storage plugins cover local storage, #FTP , #SFTP , and the S3 protocol. Any of these protocols can be used for file uploads, and the access configuration can also be chosen freely, such as direct access or via a CDN service. In the examples above, ImageX integrates image processing with CDN services.

Using a CDN for distribution often supports the disabling of original image access, enhancing security by preventing leaks of original images and ensuring that users only access the processed images.

Configuration Differences

Integrated Storage and Access: Simple use with no need for resource binding.

Separate Configurations: If using a CDN for access, a back-to-origin setup is necessary. This means when a resource is not found in the CDN, it is fetched from the origin (such as object storage) and cached across the CDN’s nodes.

Advantages of Separate Configurations:

Both local and object storage are affordable options. For access, direct access involves bandwidth considerations, while CDN services might incur higher traffic costs. Therefore, separating these configurations allows for easier switching of service providers without the hassle of migrating files. It also facilitates embedding other logics within the access configurations.

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