老大,问一下问题,升级了已显示成功,但为何还是未成功呢?自动安装试过,手机安装试过,都显示成功了,但最终,还是显示需要更新?当前使用的版本是 v3.4.0升级您可以升级到 v3.4.1

Unable to operate without login

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The status check failed, and the upgrade did not succeed. Please clear the cache and attempt the upgrade again, or execute the upgrade command directly in the terminal.

php artisan fresns:upgrade
小小 Author : php artisan fresns:upgrade,在主程序目录终端,但出错误:Command 'php' not found, but can be installed with: apt install php7.4-cli 升级不了?
Jevan : Your runtime environment lacks PHP support. Please resolve this issue with your runtime environment first.
小小 Author : 明白意思了,谢谢!
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