Introduction to Fresns Client Channel Default Parameter Configuration

In the channel configuration settings, there is an option for "Default Parameters", which are configured in Query format (i.e., URL path parameters). If no configuration is set, the API defaults to a rule that typically outputs content in descending order based on the creation time.

Admin Panel -> Clients -> Channels

The official community's Moments theme template is configured as follows:

Discover -> Hot Hashtags

Discover -> Hot Users

Discover -> Digest Posts

Discover -> Hot Comments


  • Hot: Uses the "Post List Page"
  • Recommend: Links to the "User Home Page"

Client Parameter Passing Description

  • No client parameters accepted: Whatever default parameters you configure will be displayed, and users cannot modify them through URL parameters, such as displaying only ten items.
  • Accept client paging parameters only: Users can only paginate; they cannot modify the result rules through path parameters.
  • Accept all parameters: Based on your default parameters, users can also change the result rules by passing parameters in the URL, such as viewing a user list sorted by the number of followers in descending order.
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Unable to operate without login

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