安装插件老是失败,一直遇到一个问题,最近抽风有点严重,用1p面板-容器,镜像加速(阿里或1p),加了地址后,还是安装失败,然后试着用删了镜像加速在,.env 加HTTP_PROXY=,也是失败,大家,用啥方法呢?

In CurlDownloader.php line 371:

curl error 28 while downloading
image.json: Operation timed out after 600001 milliseconds with 0 bytes rece

Unable to operate without login

Comment 4

Please replicate the entire output from the installation process; without it, pinpointing the issue is unfeasible.
小小 Author : 你好!图片显示这样 [Image]
小小 Author : 第二张图片显示这样 [Image]
Jevan : Your server is unable to connect to the Composer dependency library. Refer to the third line of the output information where “Proxy” is empty, indicating that no proxy has been enabled. If you have already configured HTTP_PROXY information, please clear the system cache.
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